Wednesday, April 28, 2010


When Katie was a baby one of the nicknames that Brian had for her was Katiebaby. We were reminiscing this afternoon about what a sweet baby she was. She was pretty much always happy. Laughing and giggling. The child slept through the night at 4 weeks. She has pretty much always had a sweet disposition. Her brother was a whole different story. Brian says he was the best birth control. Needless to say he has since stolen our hearts. The reason the discussion took place this afternoon was because Katie and I registered her for Jr. High classes today. We can hardly believe our katiebaby is going to Jr. High in the fall! So here is what she signed up for:

Accelerated English
Accelerated Science
Accelerated American History (taught in French)
Immersion French

Wowza! She has got a full plate, but I think she can handle it. She and I are both concerned about math, which is her weakest subject. This is why I suggested the basic math class. We will be doing quite a bit of prep this summer to help her be ready for this new change. As expected she is a bit anxious about the whole experience. For example "How am I going to get from the third floor to the first floor in five minutes?" I assure her she will be fine and get used to the change. She has always had a good head on her shoulders.
Oh, and if you are wondering we haven't called her katiebaby in years...she would be horrified. Which probably means her Dad will have to bring it back.

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Buckman Family said...

I can't believe that the ladybug will be in Jr high! Time has flown by sooo fast!!! She is still a sweet young lady!

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