Monday, November 30, 2009

The Season for Giving

Before I share this week's gift idea, I wanted to thank you for your prayers for my Dad and Uncle. They went with eight doctors/dentists, and set up two medical camps. They served 800 people. Can you believe it?!?!? Isn't that amazing!!

It has now been placed on their hearts to build a neo-natal unit in a hospital in India. I spoke to my Dad on Saturday about this, and as soon as he told me I felt so drawn to this cause. The goal is to raise $100,000. On Friday, May 7th there will be a dinner to help raise funds for this very important cause. Could you please save the date? I know that it is difficult to think about giving in these economic times, and that many of you are already committed to giving to your church and other non-profits. I truly believe that each gift counts no matter how big or small. I would LOVE to see you there! Please join me in this great cause! Thank you so much for considering this. It means very much to me!

Do you remember a while back when I shared with you about the
Wild Olives Tees? They have the cutest t-shirts!!! I think any pre-teen/teen or even a woman would love one of these t-shirts. They have a variety of sizes, cuts, colors, verses. They also offer kid's sizes now as well. Something to make everyone happy. Check out their site, it is super cute.! They also have fun buttons for your blog, if you like that sort of thing. The cutest girl I know will be getting one of these t-shirts under the tree for sure!
Have a great week friends!!


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