Tuesday, July 7, 2009

My new obsession

I'm not sure when it exactly started...I probably first heard about theses beauties from Martha. I purchased a "reproduction" from the campus store number of years ago. Then through one of the blogs I follow it called my name. That's right friends I have fallen in love with Fire King Jadeite!!! I was searching ebay for my new crush when I found out the style/pattern (restaurant/ovenware) that I like is more expensive than my fine bone china!! I told my BFF I'm over it! It was just a crush.

Then when my true love and I went away for our anniversary...guess what was spilling over the shelves and calling my name.

It was so unfair! All those pieces just staring at me with their beautiful color. Every antique shop we hit had some. Whats a girl to do but give in.

That is exactly what I did...I gave in and brought these two beauties home. They are sitting in the china cabinet (next to the fine china) waiting for the rest of their family to come home. I told them it probably will take some time, but they will come home eventually.
If you want to read about the last daring baker's challenge scroll down to June 27th.


Buckman Family said...

Love it! now I know what to get you for your bday next year!

Kimberly Hurd Horst said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha....You are soooooo funny. For the love, I can't believe they are that expensive. They are beautiful though! Are they lonely now???

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