Friday, January 30, 2009


This last Tuesday was a tad crazy for me. Here is a peek at what my day looked like.

6:30 Rise and Shine! Start getting ready for the day.
7:00 Wake up the sleeping beauties! Give them breakfast and help them get ready.
8:15 Try to get out the door.
8:24 Get Katie on the bus
8:30 Drop Ian off at school
8:45 Pull into 3900 Bethel Drive.
3:00 Pick up Ian from school.
3:30 Take Ian to speech.
4:30 Get Katie off the bus.
5:15 Take Katie to swimming.
6:20 Brian drops Ian off at the pool and takes Katie home.
7:30 Take Ian home.
7:45 Help Ian get showered and get the kiddos off to bed.

When I get home I am Ms. Crabby!! My amazing husband asks me what he can do, gives me the space I need, and then when I am ready extends his open arms to me and holds me close. He exhibts The Father's love to me everyday...I am so blessed. I am so looking forward to date night tonight. Have a wonderful weekend!


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