Thursday, January 22, 2009

National Pie day

Did you know that tomorrow is National Pie day? I heard about it on my way into work today. You see, I kind of have a thing for pie. I just love it! Many of you that know me well, would say Rachel you love all sweet things. This is true, but I really do love pie. There is something so comforting about it, so delicious, but simple. Does that make sense?

When I was very young I remember my mom making an apple pie. I pretty sure she used a pre-made crust. What I remember is her cutting and peeling a lot of green apples! She wasn't happy, and she never made one again. You see my mom isn't really a baker, but she cooks delicious Indian meals.

I also remember the first time I had my mother-in-law's pie. It was March of 1990. It was the first time I met my amazing husband's family. We had been dating for about six months, and I guess Brian thought it was time I met his family. Well, Ruth (my mother-in-law) went all out. Not just for me, but her eldest son was coming home for a visit from college. She made a wonderful turkey dinner, and we had the most amazing apple pie for dessert! I later found out that Ruth is the "pie queen." She can whip out a pie so fast, and they are amazing!

Four years later, I was a new wife. I was excited to start cooking/baking for my new husband. I naturally wanted to learn how to make pies. First I just made the fillings and used a pre-made crust, then I started making the crust as well. I remember making sour cream apple, strawberry, and chicken pot pie. Funny thing was I didn't like making the crusts, at all! Well, one particular evening I was making chicken pot pie for dinner, and Brian and I got into a "heated discussion." I remember being very frustrated with him, so I left the kitchen and told him he could finish dinner. I thought he couldn't do it. I should have known better! He made the chicken pot pie and it was better than any of the pies I had made. Did I tell you he was amazing or what. That was the end of my pie making days for many years. I just figured Brian likes to make pie, he is good at it, and they taste great so why should I bother

This past summer though I got the itch to start making pies again. I was up for the challenge. I started with a white peach cardamon, then banana cream, butterscotch, blueberry, apple,and finally sour cream apple. Overall, I feel like I did pretty good. Living with the "Pie King" helps of course. He is a great teacher. I haven't made a pie since this fall. Maybe this weekend. If you have an interest in making pie I would really encourage you to try. It is really rewarding, but most of all sooo delicious!! Happy baking.


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