Friday, January 23, 2009

Date night

My amazing husband and I started this tradition probably three or four years ago. We were feeling the "pressures" of everyday life and really needed some time to connect just the two of us, so we started date night. Friday night is reserved for us. We try not to have anything conflict with this time. We have made a few exceptions, and if you have been one of them know that you are very special. :) Date night is probably not what you imagine, but it suits us just fine.

1. Feed the kids and get them set up with a movie or game.

2. Brian and Rachel make a special dinner for themselves.

3. Put the kids to bed.

4. Enjoy each others company and good conversation.

Pretty simple and easy. I look forward to it every week!

Tonight's menu:

Italian bread with gorgonzola, fig jam, and pears

Chicken Scalloppine with Saffron cream sauce

Sauted Kale with garlic and tomatoes

Pinot Grigio


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