Friday, June 19, 2009

Dinner Conversation

We consider dinner time sacred in our home. What I mean by that is we try to foster a love for each other and food during this time. We have dinner together as much as possible usually 5-6 times a week. We make one meal that we enjoy and share together (the exception is date night). We expose our children to a variety of foods everything from brussel sprouts to anchovies. Now this does not mean we don't have a hot dog night now and then. :) This is a very relaxing time for us as a family we share about what has happened at school and work or whatever else is on our minds. Nothing is off limits we want to encourage our children to share whatever is going on with them.

So the other night at dinner Katie was complaining that I was leaving her again with the boys ( I went to see Proposal this morning with Jen. By the way it was great). This is what the conversation went like.

Katie: " Mom, you're leaving me with these two again?!?"

Rachel: "I'm not sure what you are complaining about. In about seven years you will be going off to college and you will be leaving me with these two."

Ian: "Yes! Katie when you leave Dad and I are going to craze Mom up!"

Brian: Gives Ian the thumbs up and says "Yes!"

Now, can someone please enlighten me on what "crazed up" means? I'm not exactly sure, but I'm worried. Maybe you should all start praying for me now.
Have a great weekend friends!
Yes, they think they are opera singers!


shana said...

so fun!

Kimberly Hurd Horst said...

Ha ha ha! You can come and hang out with Maria and I. We will be nice to you. I am off to see that movie right now......

Buckman Family said...

Cute pics of the kiddos!

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