Monday, July 8, 2013

Disney World Day {2} Epcot Future World

One of the reasons we have such a great time at Disney World is because we have a plan when we go. We really like using Tour Guide Mike.  You can get all sorts of great  information and touring plans.  If you ever go I really encourage you to use some sort of system like this.

I didn't take as many pictures during the day, because I was having too much fun.
Here is what we did:
1.  Soarin
2. Sum of all thrills ( you actually create your  own roller coaster) don't miss this ride, so fun!
3.  Missions Space (the kids and I went on the milder ride, Brian went on the more intense one)
4.  Seas with Nemo and friends.
5.  Living Seas turtle talk with crush ( if you have young children this is really fun, our children were a little too old).
6.  Test Track 
7.   Ellen's Energy Adventure
8. Captain EO
(Both of these were pretty out dated)
9.We checked out Inoventions East and West ( It's like a great big science museum).
10. Spaceship Earth.
11. The Circle of Life.
12. Journey into Imagination with Figment (again, something for the younger set).
13. Living with the Land

Have a great week everyone!

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