Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Spring Break Day 3

They asked for a pajama day.  I said sure, it's spring break.

We made peanut butter chocolate chip cookies.

Look Mom, I did it.

Playing with action figures.
Greek Turkey burgers for dinner...yum!

Ian actually eat these sweet potato fries with his dinner.  The boy does not like sweet potatoes.  You can find these  at Target or Costco.
I made changes to both recipes, but if you want to try them here they are.
Cookie recipe here.
Burger recipe here.
The kiddos were hyyyypeeer today!
Tomorrow their going to swim some laps.



shana said...

my kiddos were extra insane today today . . . what's with that?
enjoy the glorious weather!

Lisa said...

I love pajama days - they're the best!

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