Friday, February 24, 2012

Guardian Angels

I came home one day and asked Katie why were Ian's stuffed animals on his headboard.
"Their his guardian angels."

Weekend plans:
Date night (love this)
Cleaning (don't love this)
Make delicious meals for my family (love this)
Church (love this)
First annual Oscar party (hoping my family will love this)

Do you need some an encouragement on being a better wife?  I know I sure do!  Like Beth Moore says "Marriage is hard."
Click here for some uplifing words.

Have a great weekend!
Hugs ~


Shannon said...

You have given me an idea...I think I will have an at home date night w/ husband for Oscars! Have a great weekend!

Buckman Family said...

Cuteness! Just like his cousin Mira with all her friends that she sleeps with.

Lisa said...

Aww. That's so sweet! I love seeing those random moments when I can see PROOF of how much my kids love each other. It makes me feel all warm and fuzzy.

I hope your Oscar Night was a big success!

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