Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Disney World Day {3} Animal Kingdom

Our third day at Disney we ventured to Animal Kingdom.  

Last time Brian and Katie were the only two that braved Expedition Everest.  Ian was too small and I was too chicken. 
This time we all went.  One time was enough for me.  The rest of my crew went a second time and they tried to go a third, but they had to stop the ride because it started storming.

Brian was the only one that went on Primeval whirl.   Last time Katie and I went on it.  I remember having to stop and rest for a moment not a fan of rides that spin.  Katie doesn't like spinning rides now either.  I'm not sure why Ian didn't go, he probably just needed a break.

We were all really looking forward to Kilimanjaro Safaris.  You get in this jeep like vehicle and they drive you around and you see all sorts of cool animals.

This ostrich was stalking us.  She kept getting very close to the back of the jeep where we were sitting. The driver quickly drove off, because I guess they are not that friendly.

Festival of the Lion King is a show that is put on number of times during the course of the day.  It's one of our favorites.  The singing is incredible.


What do you call the guy that plays with fire?  Well, whatever you call him he was there.

Lots of little street shows.

We also did a few other things.
Fining Nemo Musical (this was good, but geared more towards the younger set).
Dinosaur ride.  This isn't a roller coaster type of ride, but it can be a little scary.  If you have little ones you might want to reconsider.
We also went on one of the trails I think it was the Discovery Island, but I could be wrong it might have been Pangani.  Don't miss out on the trails lots of cool things to see.

The one bad thing that happened this day is that it started to storm and there really was no place to go.  We were heading out of the park, because we were done for the day.  We got soaked, and I mean soaked, everything was wet.  My phone even got wet and it was in our bag (it's fine).  It was a major downpour.  Regardless, we had fun and we were done for the day anyway.

Animal Kingdom is a great park, it's a great mix of rides and animals.  We highly recommend it.


Shannon said...

AK is my personal favorite! Looks like you had a great time!

Jackie said...

Such fun times with your family Rachel, I chuckled at the picture of your husband on the ride all by himself....such a good sport. Thanks for sharing your disney pictures, glad you got your day in before the big rain :)

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